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Massage with Fae


Fatena "Fae" Salfiti

CACMT # 81741


Blue Ridge Chiropractic

673 Merchant St. Ste. A

Vacaville, Ca 95688

also private practice location for close friends and family.

Days & Openings:

Blue Ridge:



Other Location:


by appointment only

to book you're massage service with Fae, please text 650-580-3345


60 minutes $95

75 minutes $110

90 Minutes $125

- Reviews

"That was a perfect massage, from start to finish.  Your pressure was spot on.  I loved the work you did on my legs and my feet.  Your motion was perfect.  The flow was exactly what I needed.  I would love to have you work on me again." - Nathan

"Magic fingers, Wonderful body work, she worked on all my problem areas, relaxed and fell asleep.  She can read the body to find problem areas, worked out all the knots, thank you again for your fabulous performance." - Lucy

"I don't know what the "perfect" massage is, but the therapist's sense of a full body rhythm is nearly that. She approached sensitive areas with love and applied energetic strokes in a full body manner that was consistent, excellent." - Tom

"Today's massage was calming, relaxing, she had an excellent sense of how much pressure- and also checked in with me to verify.  exceeded all hopes and expectations!" - Sandy

"Fae only needs to keep doing what she's doing, excellent!" -Rick

"Great work on my knees, lower and upper legs.  Neck feels better, wonderful massage thank you so very much.  You do fantastic massage work!" - Lucy

"She was wonderful! The best massage I have ever had done here.  I had a death in my family and she relaxed me and for 50 minutes I forgot and let go of grief." - Chantey

"Fae was very good.  She has a calming effect.  Her voice was calm and soothing.  Really liked that she put attention on my hands and feet, excellent job." - Sherrie

"Great pace, worked on my problem areas, I feel alive and rejuvenated after her massage.  You are going to be a wanted MT." - Lucy

"Fae is a lifesaver, she is very good at studying your body to determine what needs to be massaged.  She makes sure that she is taking care of your needs and wants and not just trying to get your money.  Out of all the massage facilities I've been to ( & that's a lot) she is the only one that I will give my business to.  The clear lines of communication makes the experience more satisfying." - Nick

"Fae has the best massages in town.  I'm a big guy so in some areas of my body I need a firmer massage, while other parts I need a gentler massage.  Fae does a great job of balancing both for me.  The environment is very relaxing.  I feel brand new afterwards.  Fae listens to the needs of your body.  It's not just a massage, it's physical and mental healing." - Alphonso

"I had my first massage with Fae and let me tell you how amazing it was from start to finish, she was totally engaged with me.  She made me feel completely comfortable and her space was clean and serene and I didn't want my massage to ever end.  I highly recommend everyone contact her and let her bless you with her amazing hands and spirit." - Courtney

"I've known Fae for a while and when I found out she was a MT I was very excited.  I quickly made an appointment.  When I arrived I was greeted by a big genuine hello and welcome.  I noticed that the vibe of the room was relaxing and inviting.  We went over what body parts needed the most work and she checked in to see if I had any injuries that she should be aware of or  areas that she should avoid.  I found this to be very thoughtful.  She told me this was my hour.  My time to relax.  We could talk, we could be quiet, whatever I wanted.  I've gone back many times and every time I go, we talk and laugh and I always leave feeling better both physically & mentally.  The hour goes by quickly and before I leave, Fae is there ready with water making sure I am hydrated.  I have chronic pain & these visits make me feel alive & happy.  It's a judgement free zone.  I never feel uncomfortable there.  I tell my friends & family if you want someone who is real, kind and can give one badass massage, this is who you go see, 1000% worth booking." - Cassi

"Fae provides excellent customer service and best of all truly cares for her client.  She performs exceptional and professional massages.  Fae truly goes above and beyond in her services.  She ensures that your concerns are heard and does a great job checking in at just the right time during the massage.  I feel so much better every time I see her.  I will continue to see her for my much needed me time." - Lesenda

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