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Bliss Urban Arts Center​

Our mission at Bliss Urban Arts Center is to provide Solano County (and beyond) with high-quality and fairly-priced programs to serve our community! We strive to bring people together through dance, fitness, poetry, theatre, music and more.  We take pride in providing a safe and nurturing artistic environment for our students.  All walks of life are always welcomed and accepted with open arms! We at BUAC are honored to have such artistic educators on our staff & happy to have you join our network of artists and students! #BlissLife 


Want to teach at Bliss Urban Arts Center?

At BUAC, we allow instructors to be their own boss!  All independent contractors, our teachers rent space and run their own separate programs!  Students signing up for those specific classes would pay the instructor directly.   


*This does not apply to Bliss Rec or BDC.  Bliss programs do not do outside hires, all Bliss teachers are home grown* 

Email resume and submission to: for consideration.  We do not bring on instructors who offer a style we already offer due to conflict of interest.  

Class Preposal

Want to OFFER A CLASS, hold a rehearsal,THROW A SMALL CHILDRENS PARTY, DO A photoshoot, HOLD A meeting/seminaR or something else?

Email: or to book space today!

*We do not host large parties over 40 people*

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